Laser Vision Correction

Why is LASIK right for you?

Whether you’re nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism, LasikPlus can help transform your vision – freeing you from the hassles of glasses and contacts. Why live with blurry vision if you don’t have to? Imagine your life in focus!

How LASIK Surgery Works

LASIK surgery reshapes your cornea with a cool laser to refocus how light enters your eye. The treatment is a minimally-invasive, virtually painless procedure conducted on an outpatient basis in a vision center or an eye surgeon’s clinic that has a special temperature and humidity controlled operating room.

Contact us to learn more about the steps of LASIK treatment and what exactly happens when you receive laser vision correction. You can also discover how quickly LASIK post-op can get you back to your normal routine after your treatment.

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